Vision loss doesn't break us, it builds us

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Ft. Naquela Wright Vice Chair Person of Eyes Like Mine Posted to Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook


Abilities Expo

Dating can be a challenge. But when we approach the dating scene with confidence and some basic A-game strategies, the experience can be amazing. Attendees will learn do's and don'ts of dating; tips for creating healthy boundaries; how living fiercely through self-care plays into attraction; and suggestions for connecting with potential partners in person, online and through phone apps. This peer-led interactive workshop is an opportunity to engage in a variety of approaches to flirting and landing a date––including a chance to win a date night. So if you're a young adult or adult with a disability who is seeking friendship, a relationship or intimacy, consider this your dating with a disability playbook, with all of the information you need to get yourself ready for your next date.

This workshop is led by a panel that represents a cross-section of disabilities, genders, ages, races, cultures, and relationship experiences, and includes: Krystle Allen, A.S., the first legally blind, plus-size titleholder for the New York fashion competition, The Face of Kurvacious Ms. Kapable Kurves; Millie Gonzalez, M.A., Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey 2019; Tara Invidiato, M.Ed., the first Deaf-blind titleholder of the Ms. Blind Diva Empowerment 2018 pageant; and Brandon Scott, BSW, the champion of the inaugural Dancing with the Blind competition.
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Two Equal Columns

Remember Mama Starring Naquela Wright Vice president of Eyes Like Mine Inc. One of the only blind actresses in this production for more info click the link below
located in the Cityplex 12 Theater 
360-394 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103
Date & Time: May 12 & 19, 2019 @ 5pm
This venue is access link accessible 

Holman Prize 2019

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we reached the semifinalist with support from people all over continue to show your support as we strive to win the People's Choice awards, we have 667 likes and over 4,000 views

Announcing the 2019 Holman Semifinalists

A compilation image of all 41 Holman Semifinalists.
Image: A compilation image of all 41 Holman Semifinalists.
Hello Holman community!

We received ideas in 90-second pitch videos from advocates, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve narrowed it down to 41 semifinalists, including one People’s Choice Semifinalist.  

We’re already proud of the impact our applicants have had on the world. Our 2019 candidates pitches have been viewed thousands of times on YouTube—that’s thousands of people whose expectations of blind ambition and ability have been challenged. This is an impactful feature of the Holman Prize, but the best is yet to come.

We present the full list of 2019 Semifinalists, and we want to hear what you think. Vote for your favorite before May 10.

Join the Holman Prize community and make a tax-deductible donation to help fuel the dreams of blind adventurers and creators for years to come.

Ms. Blind Diva Empowerment

The mission of the Ms. Blind Diva Empowerment Pageant is to empower women with vision loss by providing tools to encourage and cultivate their daily life experiences. This pageant fellowship is a 16 week fellowship comprised of facilitated seminars,professional photo shoots,, model and life coaching, public speaking engagements in the community and on multiple media broadcasts, and professional development opportunities. It is developed and produced by the Eyes Like Mine Ic. Non profit 501 (C3) organization in Newark,NJ. For the entire month of Women’s History Month 2019 we are recruiting participants to compete for this year’s title open to women in and around NJ. The requirements are to be between ages 18-40,vision impaired and blind, working, volunteering, attending a trade or educational institution, or self employed. Here is the link to nominate yourself or someone else in or around New Jersey. There will be 2 in person recruitments on Saturday, March 16, 2019 from 1pm-4pm at Ashley Stewart Newark Lab 202 Springfield Ave Newark,NJ 07103 in the ShopRite Plaza. The venue is Access Link accessible. The bus lines for the 99,1,25, and 31 are routed in the area as well.

Second recruitment date is Saturday, March 30,2019 from 1pm-4pm at the Vince Lombardy Center of Hope 201 Bloomfield Ave Newark,NJ. At both in person sessions there will be opportunities to Gain critical information for the success of the participant’s pageant experience including the entire schedule, they will recieve a survival kit,interactive challenges to win prizes, and more! If participants do not attend the March 16 info session there is still opportunity to participate provided their registration form is complete and submitted to along with their photo release waiver form signed.

Complete the nomination form below. Pageant contestants will have the opportunity to win prizes and the ultimate title holder, the 2019 Miss Blind Diva, will be crowned, receive a golden sash, a dozen and a half roses, the Mildred C. Crump Miss Blind Diva plaque, 500 dollar cash grant, the Orcam technology device valued at $2500 and will keep the title for one year. The winner will automatically be installed into the pageant council. The Miss Independent Youtube titleholder will be revealed at the press release party the eve of the pageant. She will receive a platinum sash, a half dozen roses, the Miss Independent Youtube plaque, an Amazon Alexa, and a gift card prize.


Help Support Our Movement!

There are so many ways you can support our movement. Here is one to start we are having a footwear drive. We are asking visitors of our site and our current supporters to search their cluttered closets and clear some space by donating your footwear to our organization. Help us help someone else. Since our inception, we participated in the Shoebox recycling drive. We have been successful in collecting over 2,000 pounds of footwear from children,men, and women! Above is an image of what we can and can not accept.To encourage your contribution even more we have secured drop off sites in the event you are unable to contact an Eyes Like Mine Inc. Representative.

Our drop off sites include:

The Ashley Stewart Store
202 Springfield Ave Newark,NJ 07103

Wig World
138 Halsey St, Newark, NJ 07102

Thank you for your contribution in advance! If you are a business owner and want to get involved with our initiative feel free to email us at: